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How to take good videos with your smartphone (or any other mobile device)

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The lockdown episode has forced many companies to use system D with regards to producing communication materials. In a time of limited budget and work from home, we have to find creative ways to get going.

What if your company has to produce a video requiring footage from different participants? One solution would be for your collaborators to do the shooting at home and for your agency to do the editing. Plus, you get bonus points for looking cool for applying remote working and social distancing.

Indeed, we are lucky that today’s smartphones are of good enough quality for most casual uses, so there is no need for everyone to have fancy equipment.

We have rounded up a few tips and best practices to ensure you get great footage from your smartphone.


  • Wear plain shirts/tshirts – no dots or stripes to avoid Moirés effect
  • Look at the camera
  • Speak loudly


  • Choose a quiet area/room where you will not be disturbed
  • The background should be clear, devoid of mess or clutter
  • Film in a well-lit environment to avoid images being dark. The subject should be visible, without any backlight
  • Make sure there is no echo or ambient/background sound : aircon, fan, photocopy machine, traffic etc.


  • Use horizontal framing (landscape) unless specified to do vertical (portrait)
  • Frame the subject in the center, or slightly off the center for a more interesting composition. See more about composition here.

The phone:

  • Hold the phone with 2 hands
  • or use a tripod
  • Do not use zoom (slight movements are magnified and digital zooms may affect quality)


  • Connect a microphone to your phone if possible (or use a bluetooth one for greater flexibility).
  • If you don’t have a microphone, make sure there is no parasite sound around.

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