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4 tips for more effective wobbler design

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A Wobbler or Shelf Talker is a convenient and low cost merchandising material widely used by brands to drive awareness or educate on products, communicate on promotional offers or create interactive ways to entertain and retain customers. Used in a creative and intelligent manner, this Point of Sale (POS) material can be a great tool to bring a product into the spotlight and not fall prey to anonymity on packed and busy shelves.

You don’t need to dim others’ light to shine brighter.

One of the main purposes of the Shelf Wobbler is to stand out, however getting the design wrong may make it go unnoticed or even appear overwhelming, turning it into more of an eyesore than anything. Here are our 4 top tips to design effective Wobblers:

1. Make it stand out

Although it is always good practice to stick to the brand guidelines, using full primary colours may not be a wise move as the product itself is of primary colour. Consider minimizing the primary colour and use a secondary colour from your colour palette if you are allowed to. This will help make the Wobbler noticeable and not blend with the products on the shelf. Coupling a great design with a nice slogan will definitely give the brand an edge over its competitors, but remember to remain short and sweet as people are always on the rush and have a short attention span. Also consider using any local language (creole for example) within your tone of voice to make your communication more relatable.

Contrasting colors in wobblers

2. Use Die cuts

Take your Wobbler to the next level and make it pop out from the shelf: by using die-cuts. Die-cut your products or USPs out to drive attention to important messages you want to convey. Non-traditional shapes will help create movement and give depth to the design. You can also opt for the ones that wobble instead of the stationary ones, since motion captures the eye.

3. Give an incentive or a call to action

Creating a great Wobbler and capturing the buyer’s attention is good, but triggering action is better. Remember to always put emphasis on the most important messages, for instance the promotional offer, with a call to action. This helps in engaging the buyer and initiating the desired actions. Remember, the buying decision is often based on emotional connection or impulsion. Writing the right call to action can result in immediate sales.

4. Use QR codes

Space can be limited on a Wobbler, making it difficult to accommodate all the information the brand would like to communicate to their existing or potential customers. To solve this issue, use QR codes. This is the perfect solution to drive traffic online to promotional materials (videos, brochures, landing pages), to capture date or engage and entertain the brand’s community with competitions and digital games.

A vous de jouer !

As we’ve seen, Wobblers are a convincing POS marketing tactic that can really boost sales and brand awareness of a brand’s existing or new products. However, to make it effective and relevant, special attention should be given to the design.

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