Tailored strategies

servicesNo two companies are the same, and off-the shelf solutions cannot work for everyone. We will take the time to learn about your business and provide a tailored strategy that works best for you. Easy-to-implement and effective marketing and design solutions will help you reach your business goals.

Flexible Process


We like things to be planned well in advance to ensure an optimal production process but design/marketing projects evolve quickly, impacted by “real time” data. Being quick on our feet allows us to balance efficiency and flexibility. We make it a point to accommodate last-minute changes with minimal impact.

Innovative Technology


Keeping up with evolving technology and design trends will allow you to stay ahead of the game. We propose to our clients innovative alternatives or complements to your marketing and design initiatives.  It can be as simple as including a QR code on your printed brochure or inserting a call to action at the end of your demo video.


Diizz Interactive - Marketing and Design Agency in Mauritius

Diizz is a digital marketing & creative agency in Mauritius– that delivers value to businesses in every aspect of marketing, communication and design. From strategic consulting to execution (digital marketing, web, mobile, creative & design production services), we will empower your brand to reach your business goals.

With nearly a decade of experience in the design and communication industry, Diizz has an in-house team and a network of trustful partners with the required skills to successfully bring your projects to life.

We will set up a strategy and execute the right deliverables in a timely fashion while ensuring impactful design ideas and a flexible production process.

How can we help?  Drop a mail: hello@diizz.com

Diizz is a marketing and design agency headquartered in Mauritius providing digital marketing, web, mobile, creative & design production services.

How can we help?

New business?
Get dressed for success!

We will build a strong visual identity for your brand. Your brand identity is your best business ambassador for existing and prospect clients.

See how!

Already in business?
Get a process!

Your company has been in business for a while but competition is tough? Budgets are tight but you still need to market and communicate on your products and services?
We can help!

Innovative Technology:
Survival of the best

In this competitive environment every business need its share of visibility. But how to get visible? Innovate! Being ahead of the curve will position you as a leader in your industry.
See how!

Digital Publication

The publishing landscape is continuously shifting, influencing the way we access and consume information. Technology has allowed digital publications and interactive magazines to go mainstream.

With tablets and smartphones, individuals access information anytime, anywhere. They read in a non-linear pattern, look for interactive content and real time data, bookmark, share on social media, start to read a news article on their tablet at home and finish it on their smartphone in the subway.

Digital publishing represents huge opportunities for and enables features unthinkable in traditional printing.


> Multiply and target your audience
> Show interactive content (videos, audios, web, html 5)
> Access statistics on downloads and popular articles
> Share to social media
> Be present in major App stores
> Generate revenues

Diizz is specialised in Digital Publishing, contact us to see how we can work together.

Diizz Digital Publishing

Core Values


Customer focus

We put the needs of the customer first and strive to continuously provide a high level of service. We will go the extra mile for every client, not only during the project but also after, by being a proactive and solid partner. Our mission is to nurture and foresee your company’s long-term growth and success.


“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”, said the German philosopher Hegel. At Diizz, passion is at the heart of everything we do and this is a key driver of our success.


We promote longstanding business relationships by being honest, ethical and fair with our employees and customers. Commitments are honoured and personal responsibility taken for our actions.


A successful company is one where individual performance is acknowledged and cooperation encouraged. At Diizz, we make it a point to share knowledge, boost team efforts and remove barriers to create centers of excellence.


We love to make new friends

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